Web Design Services

Why do I need web design services?

In today’s world…
Having a website is crucial for the long-term success of any business.

As trends continue to move more and more towards online buying where consumers can compare goods and services from the comfort of their easy chair, its imperative to have a well-functioning website that appropriately represents your business. IFY Designs offers a full suite of web design services to make sure this happens for you.

When considering having a website there are many things to think about. This can be overwhelming to someone trying to make these decisions.  IFY Designs is experienced in meeting the needs of small businesses, not only web design needs but all needs relating to small business management.  So we know how to help you get the job done without keeping you from the all important task of running your business.

There’s a lot of mystique surrounding the moving parts to a website, let’s explore them.

Building a new website is much like starting a new business.

  • Domain Names –  is much like the address of your proposed new business.
    (the core part of what you type into your web browser.)
  • Web Hosting – is much like the actual place you do business.
    (where you store your website files)
  • Web Design – is much like the shelves you store your products on.
    (the structure of your website)
  • Content – is much like the products you put on your shelves.
    (the stuff you put on the pages of your website.)
  • Website Optimization – is much like putting in the phone line to your business.
    (making it easier for people to contact you.)
  • Website Maintenance – is like cleaning the office.
    (keeping stuff working right)
  • Website Marketing – is like running marketing campaigns such as postcard campaigns, running ads or attending the home show.
    (running special campaigns to drive more traffic to your website)

Let us help you figure out what web services

you need at a price that you can live with.

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