Web Design

Think about web design by equating it to the shelves you store your products on.

What exactly is Web Design?

Web Design is a pretty broad term that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It is the structure, the framework for your website content (meaning, words, stories, videos, pictures, etc.).

Having the building (domain name/web hosting) doesn’t mean you’re ready for customers.  You still need to set up your business. The same is true for your website. In our Web Services page we equated web design with the shelves of your business.

Basic Web Design Considerations

What should I consider when starting a new web design? You need a site design that is well-organized, easy to use, attractive, and relevant to the customers or audience you seek to serve. This is where things start to get tricky for some, as there are many choices and flavors of web design. Many involve what types of options or functions you want your website to have for your customers.

Search engines love websites with blogs. It tells them that  this site will have more useful information for their users to consume.

Some of more basic of these options are:

  • Color Scheme – What colors should I use on my website?
  • Navigation Structure – How are your visitors going to find all the information on your site? This particular item has been undergoing some interesting design options as of late as hand-held and mobile devices keep entering the scene in a more significant way.
  • To Blog or not to Blog? – If you’re considering whether to have a blog or not, it is IFY Designs’ opinion that there is no question that the answer is YES!!!

  • Website accent formatting – things like block quotes, general (unordered) lists and numbered lists, or how to format bolded (strong in web speak) and italic (emphasis in web speak) things.

There also what are considered more advanced options that aren’t absolutely necessary, but can definitely enhance the presentation or usability of your website.

Some of the more advanced of these options are:

  • A flashing banner.
  • The ability to buy products right on your site (shopping cart).
  • A way to contact you through the website (web form).
  • A sliding panel that will display images of work that you’ve done or artwork you like or sayings that mean something to you (slider).
  • A way for people to log in to see content that isn’t visible by everyone on the web (login panel).

There are many other options, but you get the idea.  IFY Designs is skilled and extremely helpful at filtering through all these options and determining exactly what best suits you now and in the future.  Let us help you simplify this process so you can stay focused on running your business!

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