Content Writing Service

What is a Content Writing Service?

On our Web Services Page we referred to Content as the products on your shelves. These come in the form of words, pictures, videos, etc.  Just like you have to have competitive, updated products to offer in your store, you need to have fresh, updated content on your website. This drives traffic to your website just like having good products drives traffic to a store. That’s where our content writing service comes into play.

On the web, Content is King!
It needs to be fresh and relevant.

Content drives search engine rankings and all organic (unpaid) traffic, as well as keeping your target audience coming back for more. One-way links from other websites to yours (aka back-end links) boost your search engine rankings and the reliability ranking that search engines sometimes assign to websites. When you have good content that’s worth linking to, this type of traffic isn’t as hard to get.

Search engines have been devaluing links for sites that contain repeat or non-original content due to dishonest linking schemes, making one-way links hard to obtain. Excellent content is the best way to overcome this.

This is where many website owners usually stumble, especially if they’re business owners. Business owners are busy managing their existing business, others aren’t really sure what to say or how to say it. This is where a knowledgeable web consultant like IFY Designs will help you.  Let us help you! Our Content Writing Service will benefit you, while freeing up your time to…

be about the business of your business, not the web design business.

Most search engines like to see pages with content of at least 300-500  words on it with 800 words being the recommended maximum, while blog posts usually run from 100-300 words. This is also an easy page for viewers to read without having to scroll too much, while blog posts are generally more geared to quick information giving.  As such we’ve developed our content writing service pricing structure to fit around this.

While having lots of great content is good…  having search engine optimized content is better!  You’re missing out on potential traffic and customers to your website if you don’t have properly optimized content.  At IFY Designs, we make sure any content we create for you is fully optimized to target the keywords/phrases you are shooting at.  Learn more about our optimization process here.  

Content for Website Pages

We have writers available to write content in any format you prefer (informational, sales copy, etc.).

Each article includes:

  • Research and recommendations as to the keywords and key phrases you should target
  • Sales jargon and calls to action (if appropriate)
  • Minimum of 500 words
  • Attention to proper keyword and key phrase density
  • Optimized H1, H2, and H3 tags (headings and sub-headings for readability and search engine friendliness)
  • Optimized Page description
  • Includes up to two rounds of revisions, if necessary

Price: $80 per article 

We also have Website Maintenance Packages and Social Media Marketing that help you optimize your website and keep the content fresh without busting your budget!

If you’re interested in having us create
some content for you or
optimize the content you already have…

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