Advanced Web Page Optimization

What is Advanced Web Page Optimization and how do I do it?

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in website optimization. Advanced Web Page Optimization includes taking a really close look at your market, choosing the right words to highlight on each individual page and the competition each of those face on the web at large.

Keyword in the 1st paragraph

A pretty basic rule of thumb for the web and writing articles of all types is to contain a keyword or the main topic of what you’re writing about in the first paragraph. This may sound like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how often this simple thing is overlooked.


In the past, scammers were “keyword stuffing” pages by copying and pasting the keyword/phrase over and over in the page to boost their rankings and get more traffic.  The problem was they didn’t have relevant content and were just trying to pass visitors through to other site with relevant content so they could gain affiliate paychecks. Search engines responded by penalizing web pages that have a too high percentage of keyword/phrases to words of content. If you just write naturally, the probability of being docked for keyword stuffing is very minimal.

readability index

Part of optimizing your web pages is making sure the content you’re delivering is easy to understand. The more technical the topic, the harder this will be. Although your audience might be all very scholarly people, the fact that your information is on the web at large means that a large cross-section of people are going to be seeing it, especially if all goes well with your optimization strategies. So you want to make sure that your text is all done in plain-spoken language wherever possible, layman’s terms if you will. Of course there will always be times when you will have to explain a difficult concept, but do your best to explain it so that anyone reading will understand.

Whenever possible
use text
formatted with CSS

(cascade style sheets).


Believe it or not, search engines actually like to see some images in web page content. In addition to having images, having images with meta-tags that describe what they are is what search engines love best. This includes things like title tags, alt tags, descriptive source file names, etc.

This is just the tip of the Website Optimization Iceberg

If your eyes are rolling to back of your head about now after reading all these things to do, I completely understand. Its hard to keep on top of all of this stuff, run a business and make sure its done properly to boot. That’s why we here at IFY Designs make it affordable to have all your bases covered. IFY Designs makes sure all of these bases are covered in EVERY website we design.

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However, as stated above, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to website optimization and marketing. Just like marketing your business, there are always new avenues and ways to market your business. You need to stay on top of your competition and know what they’re doing. IFY Designs help you with this with our Professional Search Engine Optimization Services. Check out how we can help you today!