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To get the ball rolling for your web design process you should contact us, let us know what you want to do and any specific requirements that you might have.

Project Scope

We will work with you to determine the perfect web solution for your needs. We’ll take a close look at the purpose for the website, what are you trying to accomplish by investing in a website, what is the target demographic that you’re trying to attract (these can affect design and style), industry and web goals. We will gather information about your industry and competitors. We’ll determine preferred color scheme, design preferences, specific functionality needed, and determine a timeline for completion.  Once we’ve agreed on all the project specifics a down-payment will be required, usually half of the total cost. See our Web Design Pricing here.

At this point in our web design process we will also gather basic information like contact info, basic product info, your mission statement if you have one, your company history if you’re interested in putting that on your site. Also, we’ll request logo images, product images or product descriptions as well.  The information we gather for content depends a lot of what you’re trying to accomplish, so the process is a little different for every client.

Website Design Mockup

At this point in the web design process we will create a design mockup for your review. We’ll change the design as necessary based on feedback from you. When you’re satisfied with the mockup design, we’ll move to the next step.

Website Coding

We only start this step once we have a finalized design mockup.  We’ll start the coding for the website structure and basic functionality. We will need any outstanding content from you at this time, images, videos, articles, etc., that you wish to have included on your site.

We’re Live…

Once we’ve loaded all the design elements and content the website is tested and available for public consumption. We have several Website Hosting Packages to keep your website live once we’ve completed it. The final payment for the project will be due at this time.

What’s Next

Once you’ve completed your initial website design you’ll want to keep your content fresh and up to date with technology. Our Website Maintenance Services will help you do just that.

You’ll also want to market your website to drive traffic to it.  Website Marketing Services will help you get that done.

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